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  • We pledge  to work diligently to impact each and every participant by continually working to instill in them a sense of purpose, confidence, and a need for a strong work ethic.
  • Our future initiatives are geared toward scholastic achievements.  We have appointed a coordinator to fulfill a role that has  not been managed in the past.
  • We have started and will continue to recognize scholastic achievement  during our monthly social activities.
  • We  also pledge to work  to instill a desire  for every member of the Robbins/Cal-Park Eagles’ Football and Cheerleaders to be successful in attaining their goals in life.
  • Our coaches have, in the past and continue in the future,  our  tradition of   following  our athletes, our scholars  throughout their high school and college lives.
  • The Robbins/Cal-Park Eagles coaches continue to, not only, mentor former members’ but we also attend games as a show of  support,  to encourage, and also to maintain a lasting relationship that reaches  far beyond adolescence.  Due to this extended brotherhood many former Robbins Eagles return  and give back through numerous resources including coaching  and volunteering throughout their adult lives.
  • Working as an extended family, an extended team, supplies the strength our Beloved Robbins/Cal-Park Eagles require in order to build, maintain, and provide positive avenues with options and opportunities for our youth for generations to come.